Membership(has it's privilege's)

The title is partial a joke if you were alive during the 80s.

But the actual topic/question is real.

a) it appears that to purchase a membership, my only option is monthly. Am i missing something? My preferences would be to always buy a membership and renew yearly. If this is not an option right now, do you expect it to be in the near future(PLEASE!!!)?

b) once I have a member ship, what steps are required to a) invite and b) share content with others I play with?

Hi @joedafrogman, I can answer b)
Clicking on My Groups should take you to a window that has content sharing and the groups you are in. There, you can click manage content sharing and share by a) group or b) looking for someone’s username or email address.

Thanks for stepping in deltaarena.

In answer to the first part, yes. We do plan to incorporate the option to have different frequencies for membership payments, but we haven’t gotten there quite yet. When that is rolled out, you will be able to switch over to an annual plan easily. :slight_smile: