is there a reason you cant use your paypall to pay for the membership?

Howdy howdy! Currently, PayPal is only available to use as payment for sourcebooks, however we are currently working on adding that option for Memberships too. There are just a few additional hoops that we need to jump through in order to enable PayPal payments for Memberships, but we look forward to getting that implemented. :smile: Thanks for reaching out to ask!

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I am a big fan of the website and the idea behing demiplane. Having all these systems in one place with characterbuilders too!
However, where i live, credit cards aren’t nearly as common as they are in america, so i hope this feature arrives soon. Not being able to share content is really holding back the usefulness of the platform for me.

So i hope this feature arrives soon-ish

It’s still in the works, but we’re closer to getting that rolled out than we were a month ago.

Some of the updates we need to make to facilitate PayPal for Memberships are things we don’t want to rush and make a mistake that impacts the storefront.

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