Minor Accessibility Bug in Selection Tables for Feats/Spells/etc

First let me say that the official release of the builder and character sheet for Pathfinder cleaned up a lot of accessibility issues I was having with it. Currently I’ve noticed only one issue that causes me serious issues. The control to expand the full description for a feat or a spell or whatever you’re selecting for your character no longer registers for a screen reader. On my computer using Chrome the location where this control is shows up as a blank column to the right of the “Select” in whatever table I’m choosing from, and pressing enter on it does cause the control to activate. It’s much more of a problem when accessing the character builder on my phone, because the VoiceOver screen reader on my iPhone completely ignores that the collum of the table that has this control exists, because it ignores what it registers as blank spaces to expedite navigation. Because of this I can’t expand descriptions for feats, spells or anything else. It’s been a while since I used the beta version of the tools, but I believe this control used to register to my screen reading software as a Button, which meant that I could access it on any platform. Using the web content accessibility guidelines, fixing this should be a relatively simple matter of adding an Aria label to this control and calling it like “Show/Hide description” or something. I’m not coder but my understanding of these labels is that they can be entered in such a way that they are only visible to the screen reader.

We appreciate the report - we have this ticketed and on the short list to address.


Sounds great. Thanks.

Someone on the team saw this come through and actually moved it up the queue today.

Those expanders should now have the aria-labels and role updated to work with the screen reader. If you encounter any other issues with it, please let us know.


Can confirm, the buttons are now labeled and work as expected. The way the expanders work on my phone and locating the text that they expand is a little weird but I think that’s more of an issue with mobile browsers than it is with Demiplane.
There are a few buttons here and there that aren’t labeled, but the screen reader still recognizes them as buttons. Most of them I’ve figured out but when I have a chance I’ll drop a list just so they can get labels for what they do. As far as accessible design goes I think it’s pretty good. I’ve mostly explored the character builder but I’ll make sure to learn my way around the sheet over the holidays. Looking forward to when this can be used with Foundry so my gaming group and I can start using it more.