Minor UI Bug: Class Options "Selections" using dollar sign

Found an incredibly minor UI bug when testing out the character creator. The text that reads “Selections” for Ability Boosts, Skill Training, Key Ability, and Class Feat were showing dollar signs ($) instead of an S. It seems that this is only an issue on the Fighter that I can tell so far, I’ve tested with the other available free classes and they seem to be fine.

I have also tested this on a new character just to see if it was an issue specific to the first PC I created, but it had the same result on the second as well.

I’ve got the same thing with the Witch

Thanks both for reporting this. We’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

To that end, what browsers are you using when you encounter this isse?

I tried Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and Vivaldi in Linux


Thanks for that info!

I was using Google Chrome myself.

Thanks! That helps! :slight_smile: