Missing Archetype Feats (Mauler in this case)

Hi there, i recently started building a Character with the Mauler-Archetype (enabled via Free archetype) under “Additional Feats” the Mauler states that the “Knockdown” feat is available for pick-up, however i can’t find any of those feats which are listed under the “Additional Feats” Section of the Mauler. Am i doing something wrong, or are those feats simply not linked?

Thanks beforehand for your reply.

Thanks so much for the report! Knockdown is a legacy feat. It should appear as an option in the Mauler dedication feats at 4th level if you turn legacy content ‘on’. I’ve taken a screenshot below with my level 4 Mauler as an example:

Let me know if you continue to encounter issues!

Looks like our team has put in an update that will allow the remastered variants of those feats (Knockdown becoming Slam Down, for example) to appear as options. Let me know if you continue to encounter issues there!