Missing dice roll for Rousing Splash cantrip

As the title suggests, the cantrip is just missing the dice roll button attached to the spell. Side note, should I be submitting missing detail/buggy features on the forums or should I be submitting a ticket? I’ve noted a previous missing feature in October and was wondering when it would be included. I know with the upcoming remaster you have a lot to handle. I’ve been withholding getting a membership since I was curious how the remaster would look/be implemented via character builder, but I’m hoping it all works out. Keep up the good work~

You can report an issue in either location and that’s just fine!

We’ll take a look at this, but likely won’t be pushing any updates to the Pathfinder character tools until we’re done with our refactor of them. This will address key performance issues, and will also include the Remaster updates. As of right now, we expect that update won’t be ready in-time for the Remaster book release next week (although the books will be available in the digital reader and compendium on that date), as we need a little extra time to get everything working up to our standards in the character tools. :slight_smile:

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