Missing Items?

Possibly a simple “database not completely entered” due to Alpha phase but I found two missing elements when building my first character.

  1. Despite having the class listed in the Sourcebooks and Rules, I did not see an option (locked or otherwise) for the Gunslinger class. There may have been others missing as well but I did not check at the time.

  2. I could not find any of the class kits in inventory for initial character development. In finalizing a character it may be a positive to end on a list of potential class kit(s) you might want to start with (assuming a 1st level) pair to the class with an and/or option to also add/purchase further gear.

I found several other items I’d like to see enhanced or altered but many of the other passionately involved testers here have already posted so I’ll just start liking/boosting those items :smiley: I am fairly (re)new to the Pathfinder world (having returned after ten years). I have far more experience with “the other guy” over at DDB so there is a bar of quality set in my head … so far I feel you guys are well on your way to hitting it, maybe even surpassing it …can’t wait to see what’s next.

Thanks for the feedback!

We started with most of the playable options from the Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide and are slowly adding to that list as we can work through more material book by book and mechanic by mechanic (ie. all feats that “Add Spell” or “Modify Ability Score”). Gunslingers will come once we get through Guns and Gears in the builder, and class kits will come later down the line too. :slight_smile: