Mobile Search in Portrait mode does not allow entry of search terms

Basically, when accessing demiplane via a phone(Galaxy S22 for example here), the search box is completely filled up by the nexus to search, such that there is no field to actually type(or perhaps just view) your search terms. There is a workaround, to turn to landscape mode, but IMHO, that’s just a hack for a root problem of combining the nexus with the search term index field.

there is no space in the text search field when I can hit that will present the keyboard for input.

Device: Galaxy S22
Browser: Chrome

Thanks for reporting this! If you click the magnifying glass does it give you the ability to type in your search term? :slight_smile:


Compare the two screenshots. When logged in the “my account” pushes the search “right edge” to far left but does not move the left side as far to the left.

Thanks, we’ll take a look at this. :slight_smile: