Monastic Archer Stance feat not adding weapon proficiency

Adding the Monastic Archer Stance feat on a monk is supposed to make the character trained in the longbow, shortbow, and any simple and martial bows with the monk trait. I’ve added a Composite Longbow to my characters equipment and equipped and I’m not seeing the +3 to my attack for being trained with the weapon. When I click on the bow to view the details of the modifier, it says:

+4 Dexterity Modifier
+0 Martial Weapons Proficiency (Untrained)

Also tested this with Composite Shortbow and regular Longbow and Shortbow, same issue.

Hello there! You’re quite right. I’m passing this along for our team to take a look.

Hello again! This should now be resolved–thanks for the report, it also helped us catch an issue with composite bow support that we were additionally able to fix.

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