More feedback

  1. I feel theres unused space that could be taken advantage of on the right side sheet that could be used for something maybe thats where your attack actions could go so they are always at hand?

  2. I know theres an option to change what you want displayed but imo having every action displayed in the long scrolling menu is a bit much and I think it should be moved to its own tab or maybe a little
    hamburger menu while keeping feats there so you can see them

  3. Maybe play with the size and dimensions a bit so theres less scrolling needed over all. For instance to see all my skills, I have to scroll down the page then scroll up and down on the skills menu. Its not the end of the world but that could be more intuitive.

  4. Definitely not gonna be top of the pile but visual dice would be very nice.

Thank you for your feedback and giving the closed alpha a test!