Mortals and Ghouls

Is there a plan for the VTM Nexus tool to be able to make mortals/ghouls/retainers nested within the character they belong to? Or will they be independently listed on the character list?

Also, will they be in there at all or will retainers/mortals/AND GHOULS be available through the Hunter Nexus Tool? Even Ghouls?


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Our intention is to add a place for stat blocks for retainers of all types to your Vampire character sheet. This is on our list, but there are some other short term priorities that need to come first. :slight_smile:


Awesome to hear! Thank you!
Is there a public roadmap to detail these incoming changes, or anything to that effect?

We don’t publish a comprehensive public long-term roadmap with dates anywhere, as we use an agile development approach where priorities can change based on partner updates, community feedback, and data we collect on the platform. As Adam has shared on a few Dev Updates, we use that approach to ensure we’re always working on the most impactful things to the most people in our community, and we don’t want someone to see something on a roadmap page and set expectations that end up changing during that process. :slight_smile:

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