Multi-VTT approach

Was wondering - does anyone else use several VTTs for their table top?

I use both Foundry and Talespire. Foundry for exploration, showing maps, materials etc. Love the way you can create walls and obstructions creating that fog of war feel constantly. My players love it.

At the same time, they much prefer, and like, the 3-dimensional feel of Talespire. It just reminds us so much of when we were in a face-to-face all those years ago (we live around the world now so virtual is the only way to go).

For casual encounters I stick to Foundry and for the big battles I use Talespire.

Since we’re all in this very exploratory mode because of a topic we’ve all been talking about for 1 week - any other suggestions or alternatives I can look into?


Roll20 all the way for me and all the games I run :slight_smile:


A couple of years ago, Jason co-founder of Roll20 made a statement that they did not want older, while males. I dropped and cancel my Roll20 account and have never looked back. I have refused to join groups that were using. It’s a matter of principles for me seeing a I am a 61 white male DM & player.

I use for my VTT. I just started playing around with the new Owlbear Rodeo 2 beta.