Multiple of Same skills

I was Playin with my Herolab builder since I am waiting for your builder to get started an I came across a problem that when taking a background an a class feat that I can got a error for having doubled skills an so I went in to my rulebook an found something that I hope the builder will fix is that

A character gains training in certain skills at 1st level: typically two from their background, a small number of predetermined skills from their class, and several skills of your choice granted by their class. This training increases your proficiency ranks for those skills to trained instead of untrained and lets you use more of the skills’ actions. Sometimes you might become trained in the same skill from multiple sources, such as if your background granted training in Crafting and you took the alchemist class, which also grants training in Crafting. Each time after the first that you’d become trained in a given skill, you instead allocate the trained proficiency to any other skill of your choice—though if the skill is a Lore skill, the new skill must also be a Lore skill.

Sorry for the wall of text but I say this an was like I cant replace one of the doubled up skills to a lore so I just wanted to make sure your builder doesn’t have this bug

Hey @deathe25 - thanks for this. The ability to swap out skill proficiencies based on your ancestry, background, and/or class is one of the super-flexible character design features that I really enjoy!

This is one of the areas we’re spending plenty of time on to ensure we get it right! Appreciate the call-out (and feel welcome to highlight any others)!

Will do I am looking forward to recommending this to lodge that an friend an I started