Multiverse RPG Adventure Conversion

I was looking through my old TSR Marvel Superhero Roleplaying Game Modules to see what might be able to be converted to the new Multiverse RPG. So many people have complained that the short adventure in the back of the playtest book is not enough to give a flavor to the game. The ones that stand out to me as being easily converted are:

The Breeder Bombs MH-1. This adventure focused on the X-men and had multiple robotic enemies that could be made using the current available Multiverse RPG rules. The only tough conversion would be Magneto and Mentallo. Replacing them would be the easiest work-around.

Murderworld MH-3. This adventure focused on the Fantastic Four, but could be modeled to an original team. Mostly tech villains and robots with a few exceptions being Blastaar (again easily converted), Super-Adaptoid (some house rules for his mimic abilities), and Skrulls (shapeshifting isn’t really that difficult a power to fix into the current rules).

Cat’s-Paw MH-5. An adventure made for Alpha Flight with an easier batch of villains to model with the exception of the Great Beasts. Another villain could sub, but you’d have to adjust the adventure. Some of the Alphans would be easy to model: Shaman (a wide array of powers), Snowbird (flight, claws, body armor, etc), Sasquatch, Aurora/Northstar, Puck and Marrina.

Of the three, MH-5 is easiest to adapt the entire team (both heroes and villains), but MH-3 is the most versatile for homemade heroes.

I have considered posting my conversion table, if anyone is interested.

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Yes please! I would love to try a different scenario.

Okay, I will first provide my conversion for the old TSR Marvel Superheroes to the Multiverse RPG:


Fighting + Strength / 2 = Might
Agility = Agility
Endurance = Resilience
Reason = Logic
Intuition = Vigilance
Psyche = Ego


Fb = -4 to -3
Pr = -2 to -1
Ty = 0 to 1
Gd = 2 to 3
Exc = 4
Rm = 5 to 6
Inc = 7
Am = 8
Mn = 9
Un = 10
ShX = 11

An example hero is the “sometime” Avenger, Jocasta:

Jocasta (Protector) RANK 13
Origin: High Tech
Profession: Outsider


	Score	    Modifier	Defense

Might 5 +10 21
Agility 4 +12 23
Resilience 8 +16 27
Vigilance 1 +12 23
Ego 3 +14 25
Logic 4 +12 23

FOCUS: 117

Initiative: +4
Speed: 29 (6 spaces)
Flight Speed: N/A
Fight Damage: 3D6 + 14 + 11
Ranged Damage: 3D6 + 21 + 4
Size: Average
Karma: 7


Energy Control: Energy Beam
Battlesuit: Armor 2, Mighty 3, Anti-dazzle Optics, Effect Resistance (Fire, Cold, Radiation)

Traits: Tech Reliance, Connections: Outsiders, Fresh Eyes, Stranger, Determination, Eidetic Memory, Extreme Appearance, Enemy (Ultron), Heroic