My Demiplane Wishlist

I’m really enjoying using this tool so far, and like most of us, I’m very eager to see how Demiplane grows and what sort of features we’ll get to help us run our games (thank you for all the hard work, team!)

Since it’s still early-days here, I thought it wouldn’t be unfair to share my wish list for realistic features I’d like to see. I wouldn’t even be surprised if some of these are already in development or have at least been proposed internally.

1 -Custom Cover Images for games - or better yet, official World of Darkness images. As a Vampire the Masquerade Storyteller, none of the cover images really work for the games I want to run here. It’d be nice to have more variety or the option to upload my own.

2 - Multiple ‘Chats’ in game - I did see there’s a player chat, GM chat and Game Chat, and I love that the distinction exists. We haven’t started our new Demiplane chronicle yet, and I’m sure this is sufficient, but I thought having the option for multiple chat rooms might be useful for a ‘play-by-post’ scenario.

3 - I understand that there will be dice tools for character sheets, but what about storytellers? Will we have access to rolling the Vampire/Hunger dice in a way that players can see the results? How about tools for running antagonists? My imagination goes wild when I think of all the tools we might get to help us run our games, and I’m really eager to see what we do end up getting.

Well, that’s my wishlist for now - really just a way for me to express my enthusiasm and get some conversation going. I’m sure others have their own wishlists, including those of you on the development team and it’s probably impossible to get everything in there. But it is fun to think about what we might get XD


Thanks for sharing this! We have a lot of cool things in store, and plans that I hope will scratch some of these itches of yours as well! :slight_smile:


I’m hoping the dice roller gets updated to be more compatible with v5.

My chronicle starts in the next few weeks (session 0 less than a week away!!) and can’t wait to see the character tools.

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I’m so excited for you! We just wrapped up a pretty intense Story this past Sunday, and I can’t wait to start the next one (it’ll be a while - I still have some more writing and research to do). Are you playing online or at a physical table?

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Playing at a physical table, looking forward to it. I ran a campaign for a while when v5 first released but it only lasted a few months so have been looking forward to getting back in.

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