My feedback [this post will be updated over time]

About the post

First of all, sorry cause im not a native english speaker. I will use this post to send all the thing i see instead of create one new post every time Im playing with the character tools to see what can I broke. If the Demiplane Team prefer another way (one post for a group of bugs or one post for each bug) i will change this, also if this way of report’s good for the devs I will create a repply of this post for each “section” adn edit those repplies adding new content.


I strongly recommend you to create a form with options to report bug so you can save the data and filter it to see in a quick method the bugs and assing a priority after check them. I dont know how many volume of bugs report you will have but I still recommend this even if is a low volume

About the tests:

I will testing the app in Chrome Versión 108.0.5359.99 with only one extension (Adblock but paused for demiplane)


Bugs or what I think may be bugs

Upload avatar image

I select a png file, then I zoom it and move to top to capture only the face, after send the photo clickin “upload photo” i get the message “Error updating Profile avatar: Failed Content Moderation”

  • Note: this only happen if I zoom and then move the image, if i dont zoom or I zoom but doesnt move the move to focus the face, the image works
  • Time of error: multiple trys when testing between 09:50 and 09:55 GMT +1

Unable to change ancestry

Once I select one ancestry aftert the “Getting Started” If i push “Change Ancestry” button the list of ancestries doesnt appear and the ancestry selected options keeps on screen, the right sidebar changes but nothing more, need to realod.

  • Note it feels like pushing that button breaks everything on ancestry section I cant select the heritage or feats after that.

General feats on the list of skill feats

Creating a rogue at level 1, on the skill feat options appears general feats like Toughness or Fleet, thos genearl feats should be excluded till level 3. I see that the field “Req” is marked as Yes on this feats what makes me thing is a way to say “hey, you can pick this but its not like the rules works” if this is the case maybe add a text down “select feats” in red that specify that or how “req” works

Rogue with bardic lore at level 1

I created a Human with Natural Ambition, selecting a Bardic Lore (Feat of bard class) and then selected the rogue class, there isnt a warning on the proccess of creation telling me I have a feat of another class different of what I selected. I understand this may be happens if the gamemaster allows it but a warning could be appropiate to avoid new players against the RAW

Rogue [Thief] dex damage and Martial proficency [Specific weapons]

I created a rogue thief with 18 dex and 10 str. Then equip with a dagger and shotsword and my attacks are:

  • Dagger (Finesse) +7 – Damage 1d4+0
  • Dagger {1} [Missing string format here?] +3 – Damage 1d4+0
  • Shortsword (Finesse) +4 – Damage 1d6+0
  • Shortsword {1} +0 – Damage 1d6+0

There’s 2 errors here, first as a thief rogue my dex should be added to damage with finesse melee weapons. The second error is the bonus to attack rolls of the shortsord, rogues are trained in simple weapons and some martial weapons (rapier, sap, shortbow, and shortsword) so I should have +3 of proficency bonus to shotsword attacks for a result of +7 with finesse and +3 if not use the finesse trait just like the dagger

The character ID (or what i think’s the ID) is 345

Display option of actions & activities

If I click on the gear icon to open the buttons to display or not attacks and otions I can deselect some of them but when I click again to save the displays, the button doesnt works. I cant see if there’s a button down to save changes

Level up button

When I clic on the button to level up, instead of get 1 more level i get 2 more levels (1 to 3, 3 to 5, 5 to 7 and 7 to 9 i didnt level up more)

Rogue leveling issues

  • Rogues should have a Skill Increase in each level instead of odd levels
  • The skill feat option in each level is disabled I can clic on that option and then see the list of feats (including again general feats instead of only skill feat) but cant select one

Missing content

Half-elf options

If i select a Human with Half-elf heritage on the Ancestry feats otions are missing the elf and half-elf ancestry feats (like elf atavism)

Things that I would change and why

Tab a little bit the sub-options

  • Case: I select “Natual ambition” as Ancestry feat

  • Current behavior:
    A block with the same style but a differente text appears down ancestry feats

  • What I thing is better:
    Use a symbol or tap with margin left that block to declare is a sub-option of ancestry feat.

  • Why I thing is better:
    Is more visual friendly and I know some new players in similar apps that doesnt understand at the first view this things.

Limit Natural ambition:

  • Case: I select “Natual ambition” as Ancestry feat

  • Current behavior:
    A list of all feats of N1 appears on the options

  • What I thing is better:
    Allow filter for class or collapse all feats by class or even wait for the player select a class

  • Why I thing is better:
    Its overwhelming for new players see all that list at once without select first the class

Things to add

This is the less important things but I want to write them down in case I forgot to mention this when the app’s more

Pathfinder Society Characters

Some option to mark the character a PFS Character and unlock the options on level 1 and level 5 of Pathfinder Society according witht he Guide (Free Lore at level 1 and one free skill feat at level 5 after select the school of the character)

danscath, thanks for all of this. Many of the things you’ve shared here are already on our radar, or some have even already been handled, since we were already working on them!

Happy testing! :slight_smile:

Half-orc ancestry feats are also missing