My First impression

First, I really do like the general feel of it. The Character Creation and Sheet have both a clean and modern look. I hope that you keep the design language of further clean and without too much additional art. In other words functional but nice to look at.

Character Creation

  • I would personally put Name on the ancestry page for the simple fact that players will get their suggestions for names there.
  • Have a notification when saving or going to the character sheet that not all required options have been chosen
  • I hope there will be an additional step for optional entries for Personality, Age, Deities etc.

Character Sheet

  • I think the blue button for initiative and full health is too prominent/distracting.
  • I personally would move Hit Points adjustments to the sidebar. Changing Resistances, health etc. do of course occur every session once in a while, but you would safe space.
  • This one I am conflicted (4k Screen). On one hand, I really do appreciate the size of the font, but it uses never the less a lot of space. I would prefer if my players could for instance bookmark certain skills and actions and have the others collapsed or in a different tab.
  • Also for actions & activities would be nice to have them collapsed first. This would immediately show what is actually available.

One more thing to the sheet

  • I would personally prefer a tick box and that active effects are highlighted and moved to the top rather than in an extra area which

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: