My initial feedback!

First of all: Amazing start guys! The tool is look good! It’s a bit slow but that’s expected with an alpha release on the day when everyone was jumping on to play!! More later but here is some of my thoughts up front!

When I was selecting skills and moving back and forth between the main skills and class skills, it got really buggy…my class skills just started multiplying on the screen and in the main skills my class skills also mulltiplied! A refresh fixed it.

Assurance: The assurance skill would be nice to let me specify the skill…also it will not let me take assurance again after I take it for the first time.

I think this is all for now! I’ve only made one character so far! Looking forward to seeing how this grows over the next few weeks and over the next few years!!

Thanks for sharing! We should have the duplicating skills issue resolved (at least in cases caused by clicking back and forth), but let us know if you encounter it again. :slight_smile: