Natural Ambition (Cleric Issue) + A Skills Bug?


Seems like there may be issues with Natural Ambition that you are already aware of, but just adding a specific instance here for your information.

Creating a Level 1 character. I’ve selected Cleric for class, Cloistered Cleric for Doctrine and the Human Ancestry Feat Natural Ambition. With that bonus feat I’ve selected Syncretism. From there, I don’t see any way to select an additional deity or to add a domain to the character’s initial domain after selecting one for Cloistered Cleric.

Possible Skills BUG:

I wanted to try to get Syncretism to work by trying a few different orders of operations. While testing that, I clicked “Change Class” and picked a random other class for a moment (Alchemist), then just immediately clicked Change Class again and went back to Cleric hoping that it would reset all of my choices from Doctrine and Deity on down. I was right and I tried to enter my choices again to see if Syncretism would work, but while doing this I noticed that I was given 4 Skill upgrades (which is correct), but all of the skills I previously trained in (before changing my class) were all still trained. I was able to add 4 ADDITIONAL trained skills and my final playable sheet had like 10 trained skills…which is a spectacular cheat for a Cleric with a 12 INT. lol. Anyway, just wanted to bring that to your attention!


Thanks for reporting this! We’re aware of an issue with Natural Ambition and an issue that comes with previous skill selections in the builder and are still working to find a solution for them. :slight_smile: