Natural Skill Human Ancestry Feat Not Providing Skill Trainings

Hello, This one might already be on the radar, but I am not getting the two skill trainings from selecting the Natural Skill ancestry feat. Example, I’m creating a Human Swashbuckler with an inteligence of 10. Other than background and class granted skills, I get to choose four skills to train. With Natural Skill I should be able to choose six.
The Natural Ambition feat is also trying to pull up the entire list of class feats available in the builder rather than just the first level ones of the class I’ve chosen, and I’m unable to use the pagination controls when going through the list.

Thank you! We’ve done some preliminary work on feats, but there are certain types of feat functionality that still needs to be worked on. This is on that list of things that we haven’t gotten to yet, but pointing it out is helpful so we don’t miss it when we circle back around to feats. :slight_smile: