Need clarification on the upcoming manager

I’m trying to talk with this about some people to bring them into the game. But I forget where to find it.

What content will be allowed for users not subscribed? I thought I read somewhere that all content on the SRD was allowed, but only limited character slots. But the only information I could find was from a blogpost where someone who wasn’t a dev responded.

Is the plan to have the books required for content for creating characters? Either shared or owned? Or is it truly everything that’s available in the SRD is open?

Pathfinder NEXUS will have three core features when it is fully launched - the Game Compendium, Digital Reader, and Character Builder / Digital Sheet:

We are following the pricing model for all of the official Paizo partners out there - game mechanics are freely-accessible (which would be all the content in the Game Compendium), with the book content itself in digital format (the Digital Reader) and the character tools (Builder / Sheet) requiring a purchase to unlock the content for use on the platform.

Having said that, we have some other factors at play that will make that easier when it comes to the upcoming character tools:

  • Demiplane Members can use content sharing with up to 24 other accounts. This means that for any content you own as a member, once you share with your group(s), they can use that content in the Digital Reader and Character Builder / Digital Sheet as if they owned it themselves. This is intended to virtually replicate the concept of passing a book around a table with your friends.

  • We have the Pathfinder Primer that includes four classes and multiple ancestries, backgrounds, feats, items, spells, and more that is entirely free. So any player can use any content in the Pathfinder Primer in the Digital Reader and Character Builder / Digital Sheet without a purchase or membership.

Players will be able to create characters and play without needing to unlock anything, but groups also have flexibility to unlock more options if they desire to do so for play.