Need to log in every time I open in the web

It’s as the title says, even if I close it for 1 hour, I need to re-login. This takes loading time since I see the drop page and then I need to wait for it to load then log in, if every one of your users needs to do this, and you have 100 users, we all waste 10 secounds a day, which is 60 hours a year togther, and I bet you got more then 100 users, so you are wasting ppls time. Please let us stay loged in for at least a week before you push us out.

Hello and thanks for posting.

We have identified a bug that requires a re-login whenever all of your Demiplane tabs are closed on your browser. It is certainly not intended for you to have to log in again under those circumstances and we’re working to address it.

But thank you for the colorful reinforcement of our core mission to save people time…I promise we will give those 60 hours back to you and everyone else once that is fixed and we keep pushing out all the other things!


As someone with ADHD whose attention span has been smashed to bits by phones and computers, this is a catastrophic situation. Every time I excitedly open a bookmark to a rulebook I’m reading through, my joy turns to ashes in my mouth as I realize I have to wait a few more seconds and click a few more things before I get to go to my bookmark.

I don’t know how much longer I can live like this, life is so bleak and grey. Will I ever be happy again? Will I ever get to click my bookmark and immediately start reading? No one knows… This might be all that life will ever have to offer.