New Character Something is not looking right for a 1st level PC

Just created a new Wizard and this does not look right.

Created a second Wizard and this looks more of what I would expect
Wiz 2

Something strange with spells for the second PC

Anyone else having an issue like this?

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I completely forgot to respond to this on Tuesday, but your second example here should have been addressed by yesterday’s update.

The duplication issue in your first character is caused by clicking on the button multiple times while it’s loading. We’re working on a solve for that, but in the meantime, if the page doesn’t respond right away after clicking a button, give it a few seconds.

Some of the updates we made to speed are helping the initial load time by waiting to load things like class options until we need them, which adds a short load time when you select your class. :slight_smile:


No problem. You and the entire Demiplane staff have your hands full. Hang in there. Thank you for all you do.