New Data Not Saving and Showing Up on Mobile

Since the mobile webapp for the character builder is now open for testing, I used it at the table in my game last night (Android 13 on a Pixel 7). Before heading out to play, I made some minor adjustments to my character sheet. When I got to the game and opened up my sheet on my phone, the new data (including a different equipped weapon) were not shown.

I just checked the sheet on my desktop browser and noticed all the changes I made yesterday were not saved. This has been happening a lot, mainly with the “Details” area but this was the first time major changes to weapons and attack info not being saved.

Is this a known bug? I’m typically using Firefox on my desktop to access the sheet…could that be a problem?

We appreciate the report - there shouldn’t be anything there related to a transition to mobile, but we are still under the hood on several things that could potentially cause what you’re mentioning. As we get into the next few weeks, if it’s still happening, we’ll dig into specifics if it’s still happening.