New Group Feedback - Kids

You will likely have all of this under control already but just in case here’s a collection of feedback from our recent experience. This is a group of players who have never played PF2E. Some have not even played a TTRPG.

  • Was unable to pre-share books with a new Group. Would have been nice to be able to set this and forget so that if the players joined while I was afk they would automatically get access to the Group shared books and commence character builds.
  • With the Group Description it would be nice if it supported break lines.
  • With Groups > Adventure Tools > could not find a way to delete the pre-provides Journal Notes.
  • Spent some solid time trying to add a Character to the Group only to discover that’s not supported yet. Being able to follow new players progress as they build their characters and assist with any questions remotely is something I look forward to.
  • Would be awesome to have a Pre-Populated Journal Note designed to help new players create their first character. A click this > Do this approach that could be enabled/shared with new players.
  • Searching for Rules. This wasn’t a great experience tbh. I searched for the Starting Wealth and wanted to share a link to my players related to Starting Wealth at Higher Levels. The search brought up the book though and I then had to access the book and effectively read it to find what I was looking for. Once there I could not find a way to link my players to that section of the rules. So I jumped over to AoN and grabbed that link in about 3 seconds.
  • Within the character sheet, filtering on Items is laggy and doesn’t always respond.
  • Searching for items needs more filtering options. As a new player starting at a higher level I was looking for an easy way to list all the Lvl 1 Permanent Items so my players could choose from the list. I could not find any obvious way to do this. I went to AoN and was able to achieve this and was also able to generate a link I could send to my players so they know the list of items they can pick from.
  • Purchasing of items had no option to exchange coin for the item.
  • The wizard is fantastic but falls short of a complete character sheet in that Items/Equipment and Spells are not handled until you are in the character sheet. Not an issue but also it makes the process a bit more complex for really new people. I quite like Hero Lab Online here in that it has the Validation Report to ensure a character is complete.
  • Was unable to find the Class Kit’s.
  • Equipment Packs should add the individual items instead of an item that represents the Equipment Pack.
  • Unable to print.

This is where I got really stuck and hopefully the ability to print catches up soon. Without the ability to print I was left in a bad spot. Kids don’t tend to have phones or devices so I reluctantly went and signed up with Hero Lab Online for the month because I know we will be able to print the character sheets.

So the first attempt to really use the tool didn’t go so well to plan sadly. I expect everything here to already be on a road map but this is just to speak to our experience. Looking forward to future updates.

Thanks for the feedback. The nature of the beta test is definitely that the character tools won’t have the features that will meet some groups needs yet as we continue to build things out.

You’re right that many of these things are on our roadmap already, but it’s still helpful to hear your experience laid out in a step-by-step process like this as we develop the tools, because it gives us some additional insight into how people are looking to use the tools and what their specific needs are in those scenarios. :slight_smile: