New here, future games list?

Apologies if this has been done to death, but my family gaming group is looking into Demiplane for future use. My wife and I have tooled around with the character creators, and we both like the way it works there; while we’ve yet to actually playtest in a game, the character sheets seem to generally work well; the only issue I see is the relatively limited number of games. I understand it’s a new service, is being actively worked on, and new games are being added. There’s games on here that we could be interested in (my wife wants to try PF, you don’t really have to twist my arm much to get me into Vampire, and while I don’t care much about Avatar, I do like PbtA and could prob file the serial numbers off and find a pretty satisfactory experience)

For the longer term, besides the coming soon, is there some official space for longer-term queue, and is there an official process for suggesting a game besides dropping a forum post and hoping for the best? There’s a handful of games I’ve been aching to try out, but my wife doesn’t like Foundry (hence why we’re here), and it would be cool to get a longer-term glimpse of plans that aren’t close enough to make the coming soon list.

We don’t have a list of future games anywhere and don’t tend to share timelines, as we have found that often leads to frustration for everyone involved if things change. Our overarching goal is to support as many games as we can, because we believe that all tabletop roleplaying games deserve to have quality digital support.

We previously shared that we have licenses for a number of the Free League games, and ALIEN is first up for character tools next year. Other than that, the only games we’ve announced that we don’t have on the platform yet are Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Starfinder 2e.

We do welcome game suggestions, and if you suggest a game that’s already on our radar, that’s just validation that there’s interest in seeing that game on our platform! :slight_smile:


Great thanks, in that case, I’d like to slip plugs in for Fabula Ultima and Fate. (Seriously, if anyone hasn’t heard of Fabula Ultima, and you don’t have some sort of deep-seated hatred of the JRPG genre, you should give it a look; like a lot of smaller games, it knows exactly what it’s trying to do)

As a future game suggestion to complement Candela Obscura how about Cthulhu as an idea if licensing permits.

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Thanks for starting this topic. I started using Demiplane for the Daggerheart open beta, and since we love the system, we’ll likely stick with it long term, including Demiplane’s digital tools. We play a lot of D&D 5E and to be frank, I do not see us switching to Demiplane for that since we already use D&D Beyond.

That said, we also play the following games semi-regularly. We use Roll20 online sheets today and would love to see Demiplane support:

  • Savage Worlds (SWADE, we specifically play Deadlands: Weird West)
  • Star Wars (FFG, we specifically play Edge of the Empire)
  • Zweihander RPG
  • Shadowrun 6E

We are also considering adding the following games to our roster:

  • Modiphius 2d20, specifically Star Trek Adventures and Fallout RPG
  • Coriolis (Free League)
  • The Expanse RPG (Green Ronin)

Shadowrun is a game basically begging for VTT treatment. A large number of titles, crunchy systems, and a rules system that would really benefit from a rules lookup system. That would be an insta-buy for me.