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i have been trying for hours to find out how to make a new game. i am new to this VTT and the UI is not very friendly… i have been looking in so many various places for how to start a new game… i consulted the FAQ section and found an article labeled “Creating an Adventure Portal” it claims it is as easy as looking in the upper right corner of the window and locating the ““New Portal” button” i have been searching for the elusive “new portal” button for the last 30 minutes no matter which page i look at the demiplane home page the various nexus pages that i have access to there is no “new portal” button to be found anywhere. is this a subscription only feature? i have some adventure guides specifically for avatar legends, but even when looking those over there is no “new portal” button. i have even resorted to using the search function that is located in the upper right corner… i found information on guns in pathfinder but still not new portal button… where is it??

Hello, and thanks for posting.

You can find the place where you can create a new adventure portal at

Demiplane is not a virtual tabletop, but we have some legacy matchmaking and portal tools that can still be used while we build out our content and characters tools.

I’ll crosspost an explanation I shared of what Demiplane provides here.

Demiplane started a few years ago with a focus on matchmaking, where you could find a group of players online or organize a group for paid games. We created “adventure portals” for groups that didn’t have other ways they were already playing (the various VTTs, Discord, or even Zoom), but the intent was you could keep doing what you were doing, but with newfound friends.

When I joined the company, because we saw significant demand among fans in the TTRPG space, we pivoted into making digital tools primarily focused on content and characters for games other than D&D (since the tools I started at DDB already had that covered). We are committed to the idea that all of these great games deserve great tools like D&D had.

With that said, Demiplane is not a virtual tabletop. We instead are focused on creating the best content and characters experience available for all the games we support. You can use our content tools (digital reader, game compendium) and character tools (builder and digital sheet) alongside any VTT, voice app, or even regular old physical table that you prefer, just like folks did with DDB.

Because we started with matchmaking and had some video, voice, and journaling tools to support that early on, we still have those legacy tools available since folks do certainly use them. The development path I’ve described would be the reason there isn’t much integration between those legacy tools and the new digital toolsets we’ve made, but we have big plans to revamp the entire groups portion of the platform to be fully integrated with the content and character tools on the roadmap. We’ll share more when we have updates on that front.


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