New to Demiplane - where should I buy my Aliens books? Can Free League be linked to Demiplane?

Hi - New to this system. Have used ddb forever. I am about to start an Alien game and I’m looking for something to make my life easier. So its Demiplane or Foundry at the moment. Foundry has a lot of established kit ready to go, Demiplane looks promising but has a sub. I see that Piazo accounts can link to Demiplane so you don’t need to buy content twice (I assume). Will this facility be set up for Free League as well - Aliens, Coriolis etc?

Our deal with Free League is different than the one with Paizo. If you purchase a Free League title such as the ALIEN RPG on Demiplane, you will only receive the book here on Demiplane.

No Probs - What I expected at this early stage. Bonus question - aside from the upcoming character generator there is a short adventure in the main rulebook. How is that presented? Is it just like looking at the pdf or are there stat blocks for monsters that you can interact with for attack rolls etc? maps?

What i’m looking for is something that takes some of the work out of the game prep like dndbeyond does for my dnd game.

I guess the question is - is the adventure (and things like colonial marines, destroyer of worlds) presented as some sort of interactable thing, or is it just a hyperlinked pdf effectively?

For the ALIEN RPG NEXUS specifically, all of the sources are hyperlinked, referencing stat blocks, other titles, etc. We do have high res versions of the maps, which are great for VTT use. Eventually we hope to include features to take some additional burden off the shoulders of the GM in-session, but that won’t come until after character tools are out.

Still, I find the digital sourcebook easier to read than a PDF because its laid out to look good on a screen, which is where I do most of my prep work. :slight_smile:


I second much easier than using pdf’s

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