New VtM Books, Blood Sigils, Blood-Stained Love

Hi team, with two new Vampire books coming out very soon, I’m surprised that neither Blood Sigils nor Blood-Stained Love is available for preorder on Demiplane yet! I try to preorder everything here so that my group has the new content as soon as it’s available through the Vampire Nexus. In the past, the communication was that books will be made available here to coincide with release dates. Is that still the case? I have no plans to buy these books twice and would rather buy them exclusively through Demiplane, but if they’re not going to be available at or near release, that’s an option I need to consider for my players’ sake. Help me out, team! Any news at all?

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We’re working closely with the World of Darkness team to secure the files and nail down our release plan for these titles. When we have more to share, we will. :slight_smile:


Speaking of new books, what are the chances we will see Laws of the Night?

My understanding is that Laws of the Night is a LARP resource book, and so is not likely something we would include on the NEXUS, at least not in the short-term since we currently only support the tabletop roleplaying game. :slight_smile:

Interesting. In the last 25 years the LARP community has been desperate for a tool like Demiplane. It is an untapped mountain of cash and you guys seem well situated to mine it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Knowing nothing about the LARP scene… I’d love to see this. I’d never heard of Laws of Night. I’m gonna go check it out now.

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I’ve run games as large as 500 people (with a team) and as small as 5 players, and having a trackable character sheet and a system to run challenges (LARP uses a simplified system, but it’s still not perfect) would change the entire game overnight for the better. The Laws of the Night PDF just recently came out, and several larger groups are already starting to use it.


have we heard anything about this cause i would very much like to buy this one

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Jan 9, Demiplane Staff Josh said they’d let us know when they know about the books listed in the OP.
Jan 15, Demiplane Staff Josh said they would likely not be pursuing Laws of Night, at least in the short term, because they are currently focused on Table Top, not LARP.

We are working on Blood Sigils, but haven’t quite finished up on our end. Once we’re done, the World of Darkness team will review the book before we can release it on the NEXUS.

No update on Blood-Stained Love yet, but as soon as we have something to share, we will. :slight_smile: