Newbie here, Character tools are gorgeous

But there are a number of issues I’ve noted:

  • Trackers, Trackers, and More trackers. please just charge me a buck or two more a month instead of attempting to sell pieces of me to google, facebook et al.
  • all the safari bugs I see others have reported in oct-dec '22 still exist
  • I somehow ended up with a character with a -10 strength … (
  • despite owning Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide on your platform, the new ancestry options did not appear for me
  • the character page is not layed out the greatest when a browser is in full-screen … with all the text focused on the left, the “create character” button in the upper right can be missed on a 32" screen. Additionally the “create character” text in blue next to the "pathfinder 2e is not immediately obvious that it is clickable … might I suggest getting rid of it and moving the button from the top right over to the left (at least for western left-to-right languages)
  • an option to only show the game systems I own content for throughout Demiplane would be nice (although I doubt your marketing dept would approve :wink: )
  • compendium description doesn’t load for the rogues sneak attack, but does for most other
  • requests have an accept header of */* …???
  • gives 404 - Not Found
  • it’s not obvious what to do once xp has triggered the “level up” button … where do I go to pick my new feats? (yes I know clicking around the character sheet eventually brings one to the “character builder” link … however it should be presented immediately after clicking "level up

none of the above are insurmountable, and as I said in the title … the app and character sheet are fracking gorgeous and and functional on the whole. and while I agree with others that there is a bit more whitespace than I’d really like, THANK-YOU for not going white-space crazy ala angular/materials

looking forward to seeing what’s to come.

The app is still very basic and they’re still building/debugging stuff heavily. it’s in ALPHA, not even in Beta

This also explains why the Lost Omens stuff isn’t there, right now it’s just Core Book and APG (IIRC)

Appreciate the feedback! As sandman noted, at this point in the alpha, we’re still focused on building out all of the core functionality for the builder and sheet. Once everything works, we’ll move to finetuning, and that will include browser-specific bugs, cosmetic fixes, and many of the things you’ve mentioned here.

Also confirming that as of this time, playable options from the Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide have not been added to the builder. Those are in the works though, so hopefully we’ll have an update on when you can expect to see those soon. :slight_smile: