Nexus Digital Reader Issue

Looking to invest in getting my paizo pdfs into nexus version. Whilst trying to look at the primer to get an idea how the digital reader works, I am unable to use the table of contents button. Every link I click will flash to that topic before going back to the start of the chapter.

I am using this on android, google chrome. I have tried my Samsung tablet, and a different browser and issue persists.

To replicate. Open a book from pathfinder nexus (primer and big trouble and little Absalom were used) - open from source - press the table of contents button - select a topic within the chapter.

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues viewing content on the NEXUS.

When you’re opening one of your sources, are you navigating from the main “Sources” page or the “My Library” page? If you’re using the latter, could you try choosing a source you own from the main “Sources” page and letting me know if the issue persists?

Thank you!

Hi, this is my exact flow to get the issue.

  • Open on mobile/tablet (android/chrome)
  • scroll down to select the pathfinder banner
  • select browse books
  • select view on pathfinder primer (this is the same for any book available to view before purchase)
  • choose a chapter/section, document jumps to top of chapter.

This doesn’t occur for me on my computer, a brief flash of the chapter header shows but then stays on actual page.

Edit: not viewing from my library but choosing source

Thank you, Boothy! I’m going to take a better look and see if I can reproduce the issue. Whether I can or not, I’ll get a report into the team with all of the details so that they can sort out what’s going on.

Thankyou! Another step taken was I attempted again after clearing cache+cookies on browser. This did not fix the issue and it still persists on mobile.

I purchased Kingmaker in the hopes the desktop version wouldn’t experience the same issue. Unfortunately it seems to happen on the desktop also, however maybe 60% of the time. Exact same issue.

I believe that I may have narrowed the cause. On desktop it will occur when I have the browser in a smaller windowed mode, shrinking the size of the reader. When in full screen however it does not seem to occur on desktop. This may be why it happens on mobile/tablet devices also as the reader is smaller to accommodate for screen size.

When in full screen the chapter title flashes momentarily but remains on the section selected.

I’ve had mixed results on both mobile (Android, Pixel 7 Pro, Chrome and Firefox) and desktop (Windows 11, Chrome). Sometimes it works, sometimes it pops to the top of the chapter.

Also on desktop I’ve had it work and fail in “My Library”, or, oddly, clicking on the My Library ToC link makes it pop up in an already open the normal non-beta source reader.

I just bought the rulebook bundle, not a small investment. I thought this was only a bug in mobile, but it is also in desktop. This is a serious usability issue, please fix it.

We’re working on a fix for this, and hope to have it ready soon. :slight_smile:

It’s not perfect, but ive found to use it on a desktop browser you need to ensure its full screen and not zoomed in. If the table of contents shows constantly and not the three line pop up, then I tend not to have the issue.

Hope it is fixed soon