No Black Friday Sales

Was hoping to see some black friday sales today for your digital content. but no dice. that sucks. not gonna lie when i say im quite dissapointed by this.

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We’re a digital tools company, so the historically brick-and-mortar focused day of commerce that is Black Friday is not where we would choose to position any kind of sale.

There is, however, a day that has become known as Cyber Monday that is very digital focused, so if you can hold your disappointment at bay for a couple more days, you’ll be able to secure 30% off any digital book on any NEXUS.


i appreciate the feedback. main reason for my concern was the fact yall did a sale last year that encompassed black friday. so when no word on sale was put out yet i was getting worried.

all good. :slight_smile:

If I buy one of the bundles will I get 30% off still? Also if I buy the bundle will I still have access to the older PF2 core rule books?

No, per the email: “excluding bundles and hardcovers”

But if I buy them will have access to the rule set from the Pathdinder 2.0 orginally edition before the current changes?

Yeah. They haven’t even integrated the remaster into the character builder yet.

You’ll still have access to the books you buy regardless.

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what does he company actually say? So far most of the changes in my OPION are not necessary. I believe its a excuse to write more books.

The Pathfinder 2e Core Rulebook and Gamemastery Guide are still available to purchase from us. We will fully support play with both the legacy and remastered rules, so you can use whichever you prefer at your table. :slight_smile:

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If I buy the rulebook bundle it will including the legacy rules?

It was actually to remove all of the content wizards of the coast owns, because they’ve been trying to claim ownership of derivative works recently.

Yes, it will. You can see which books are included in the bundle, and you’ll note that the legacy rulebooks are present. :slight_smile:

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I didnt see them


Seriously Demiplane? You send out emails about the sale after it has already ended? And you can’t even make the sale last all day long? I guess I’m not buying anything today. :stuck_out_tongue:

The sale lasts through the end of today (it’s still Monday here in the US for another ~9 hours), so you have plenty of time to take advantage of the sale!

My (partly) mistake. The promo code wasn’t applying properly to the Vampire bundle. I had to buy the books separately to get the discount to work. Also, the timer on the email you sent showed the deal had already expired.

Thanks for catching that, we’ll get that timer fixed. :slight_smile:

The code didn’t work on the Pathfinder2 rules bundle so I have missed the sale. I tried mulitple times to make it work.

Many thanks for the sale! You have a new member here who indulged in it and went all in here. Looking forward to future progress and being able to use the remastered Pathfinder 2e rules alongside trying some other games out.

In the email / post they stated it would not work with bundles or hardcovers, only single books.