No cantrips with Rogue Minor Magic feat?

Experimenting with a half elf Rogue/Wizard concept I saw the Minor Magic feat and thought it a perfect fit.

Unfortunately, while I can add the feat at 2nd level and choose a tradition I can’t seem to add any cantrips.

There’s no prompt for choices when I select Minor Magic beyond the tradition, and when I get to the character sheet spells I can see a Spell Repertoire button but it opens a blank panel (albeit with an Override option).

I can see the cantrip I chose with my ancestral paragon Otherworldly Magic feat, and the prepare/spellbook options for my Wizard dedication feat

A forum search suggested this had been a bug that had been fixed but it doesn’t seem to be fixed for me at present.

Thanks so much for the report! Would you be able to drop a link to the affected character for me? I’d be happy to take a look and see if I can figure out what’s going on here.

Apologies, knew there was something I’d forgotten:

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This should now be fixed! Thanks again for the report. :blue_heart:

Working perfectly, thank you!

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