No Class Archetype Choices?

Creating some Pathfinder characters I’ve tried to build some with Class Archetype enabled in Preferences & Rules, but I’ve yet to see any selectable options show up when I click on the Class Archetype prompt that comes up in the level choices list.

Am I missing something or does the Class Archetype option in preferences not actually do anything?

I think what you’re seeing is just a scenario where we don’t have support for any archetypes for your chosen class yet.

We have support for a few archetypes, but there are still more we need to add. :slight_smile:

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What are the odds the list of supported classes/archetypes will be displayed sometime (like feats we don’t have prerequisites for) so that we can see what options are there?

Or the option to go back to preferences and hide the Class Archetype prompt from the class options list?

Either would be better than no clues to see why it doesn’t work and sitting there taunting us for being clueless.

We’re working on a solution for that. :slight_smile:

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