No Divine Font spell slots added to warpriest?

Wifey’s character (Demiplane) is a warpriest of Erastil. She should have 4 divine font spell slots usable for casting heal, but we cannot find this on the character sheet? We do see heal, but only as a regular 1st level spell.
Am I reading the CRB wrong? Shouldn’t she have 2 spell slots plus 4 divine font spell slots for heal?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello! It looks like that character is using the legacy version of the Cleric’s Divine Font, which is based on your Charisma modifier (specifically, 1+CHA mod). If the character is switched to a remaster Cleric, the Divine Font is instead based on Wisdom. Hope that helps!


Ah! Critical Rulebook fumble roll. Thanks for pointing this out, @MellieDM :slight_smile: