Non-starting equipment appearing as starting equipment

Thistlefolk Armor, Eeligator Shield, Sableblade

All three of those items are showing up as valid choices during character creation on Demiplane. They are not on any of the starting equipment tables in the Playtest Materials or Class documents, so it feels like they are not intended to be available during creation.

They appear on page 263 of the Playtest Materials, in the section on world-building, specifically the example of the Sablewood. They are Tier 0 items because the Sablewood is given as a Tier 0 location. It seems that they’re there as things that can be acquired in the Sablewood.

It’s likely that up until now, the only Tier 0 equipment was the starting equipment, so Demiplane just made all Tier 0 items show up as valid choices. Now that other non-starting equipment Tier 0 items are being added, it will probably be necessary to differentiate.


Yes, you’re correct–these getting Tier 0 added is the culprit here. We’re working on additional ways to filter them, I’ll update you here once that works been finished. Thanks for the report. (And welcome to Demiplane!)


This should now be fixed, thanks again!