Not logged in when following a link in Foundry VTT

Hi guys.

I do have links to Pathfinder Nexus in my Foundry VTT journals. When I click on such a link* and open Nexus in Firefox (or Chromium Edge), Nexus tells me that I am not logged in. So I login. Then I click on the link in my journal again, a new tab opens and I still get the same message. If I click on the Nexus logo on the upper left, I get back to the home page and am logged in. If I copy/paste the link out of my Foundry’s journal and paste it directly into the browser then it works.

Does anyone have an idea why Nexus behaves like that?

(I do block 3rd party cookies and google-analytics-links if this information is useful.)

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Hi Jarekk,

There are a couple things at play here. Blocking cookies is likely what makes it so you have to sign in when coming to the NEXUS on that first click. We have a 3rd party that helps with authentication, which is likely being blocked. When we roll out our new authentication options with your Google, Facebook, or Twitch account today, this may be resolved too if you use those login options.

In our experience, sometimes a refresh of the same tab will log you in and get you to where you’re trying to go too.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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