Not what I was expecting - is there more to this website?

So I joined after hearing about this platform from their sponsorship of latest of Candela obscura. The way o understood is this had helpful content for GMs. I already have the core rule book physically from Darington press - but do I HAVE to buy the digital version on Demi plane to have access to the candela content???

Hello and welcome to Demiplane!

For each game that we support, there are three core features that we offer:

  1. The digital reader, where you can read the book, using our links and tooltips to quickly navigate to the sections that you want.
  2. The rules compendium, which has quick reference materials and fully searchable rules listings to make it easy to find the exact thing you’re looking for.
  3. Character Tools, which gives you a guided character creation experience and a digital sheet that you can access and manage from anywhere in the world.

You do need to purchase the game content on Demiplane in order to use our suite of digital tools for all of the games that we support, but you’re getting more than just a book when you make that purchase. We also offer matchmaking services and voice/video calls in our groups functionality. :slight_smile:

Okay great!
Thank you for your time.