Obsidian.md plugin

I would love to write a plugin for Obsidian.md that would allow a Storyteller to drop in their Demiplane Vampire Characters into their notes for easy reference. Is there an API available or a way to view character sheets without logging in?

An API would allow for some really cool features because I could query the character data and display additional data to the plugin user, we could even have them get an authentication token via the plugin settings so it prevents any unauthorized access to Demiplane tools.

However, a good middle of the road solution would be a way to get just the sheet in an embeddable page that doesn’t require login, or a way to append a login token to the url of an iframe so that it allows viewing without logging in. I think the main things that would be beneficial to have in that view that are functional are just the hunger/damage/humanity trackers. Rolling dice I think would be too complex of an interaction for an iframe.

Any chance there is an existing API or plans for an API/embeddable?

We have plans for something like this on our roadmap. There isn’t an API right now, but we definitely want to allow for integrations like that in the future. :slight_smile:

@joshuamsimons thats awesome. Any idea on whether this is like “icebox”, “ready for dev” or “in progress” in terms of priority? I know timelines are flexible but just general idea?

API / integrations will be one of the next round of things we will look into once character tools are where we want them to be.

Not long term roadmap, not necessarily short term (depending on your definition of that), but we will certainly start something with it in the first half of next year.

You should talk to @sklore_jp about anything Obsidian related!


The Custom Frames plugin supports logins. You can embed Demiplane Characters straight into your notes that way. Works pretty well, you can open or hover a note and it will refresh in real-time. Takes a second or two to load of course.

An API would be sweet though. I would love to bring in things like level, hp, ac so I can reference them within the note to supplement the character sheet.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf0M3IuudpM&t=52s


Oh my god that is amazing @sklore_jp !!!

I would like to add my voice to those asking for vampire character sheet integration and rulesets. Willing to try to help, I am not very practiced at coding however.