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Dear Demiplane.
I’m a gamer, player, and Gm of multiples game systems. I mostly play those games either in person, or over roll20.

Many of the lightweight systems are easy enough to manage simply but there is one system that I’d subscribe to demiplane for: Advanced 5e (A5e) from Enworld Publishing. I addition to that if there was a way to integrate those character sheets into roll20, well that would be my dream.

I do know that the publishers of that game are interested in Demiplane support; especially in the character creation section, where you excel at.

Please consider my request with the utmost respect.

Thank you for giving your time to read this and I hope that my wishes be made true.


I believe they have said previously that the developers of systems should reach out and speak with Demiplane. Specifically they need to chat with Adam B I believe.

They have.

Im showing that there is an interest from the player side.

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That would be incredibly cool. The absolute wild array of character options in Level Up is amazing. And being back compatible with my existing 5e stuff?

I miss DnDBeyonds convenience. I dont miss giving money to Hasbro. Having Advanced Fifth Edition here would be a killer selling point for me.

100% agree with this!

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i very much agree

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Yes, this would be very nice

I know they are an indie publisher, but they have a great game. It just took about 3 hours to make a character from scratch the first time. I’m sure we can get faster at it, but having the sheet done in a concise way would go a long ways to making the game more accessible, as many players don’t want to or never have had to go through the exercise of creating a character manually.

3 hours? Did you include reading all the character creation rules (including all classes, spells and high level features) in that time?

I just tried to “rebuild” an old character of mine (Psychic Warrior “healer” from 3.0 times) and for the 1st level version most of the time was spent formatting the text into a form fillable sheet :wink:

If you know how to build a character in “normal” 5e you mostly know how to build one in A5E there are just some more options in the core rules (and 2 “new” switches: Culture and Destiny)

It was our first time going through the rulebook fairly cold.

Some of that time was reading all the features.

So yes we were slow at it. A digittal tool to create characters faster and is integrated into a vtt would be great.