OGL 1.1 , Paizo ORC


I’m hoping Demiplane.com will be connected in some way to the new ORC license being developed by Paizo and others as a response to OGL 1.1 from WotC.

Paizo announced a 25% discount code on their site “OpenGaming” for their content. Is there any such code on Demiplane.com for Paizo content?



Bit late for me as I just bought the rulw book bundle but would love to know the answer to this in case I want to get the lost omens or stand alone stuff.


Demiplane fully supports open gaming and the moves our partners (announced and not-yet-announced alike) are making.

We do not currently have any active promotional discount codes, but I’ll share that the various bundles we have offer a discount on everything contained therein (25% for the Ultimate Bundle, with 15% on Rulebooks, Lost Omens, Adventures, etc.). Additionally, if you connect your Paizo account to your Demiplane account, any PDFs you own through Paizo.com will discount the Pathfinder NEXUS version (typically $10 off), or if you buy the NEXUS version, it comes with the ability to unlock the PDF on Paizo.com for free.



What I did was to get the free Lost Omens PDF over at Paizo and then buy the discounted version on Demiplane, just like BadEye explained.


Thanks for the info. I’m trying to figure out pricing. On the Paizo website the Core Rulebook is $19.99 for the PDF, $59.99 for the hardcover. However, the Core Rulebook on Demiplane.com is $34.99 which is also digital correct (I understand the nature of digital is different).

It seems anything I get at Demiplane will also get me the PDF access on Paizo. So the content on Demiplane.com is being charged at a premium compared to the PDFs but at a discount compared to the hardcover books. Do I understand that correctly?

So if I buy the Core Rulebooks PDS for $19.99 from Paizo I will get a $10 discount on the Core Rulebook on Demiplane (unless that applies only if I buy hardcover from Paizo?) which would make it $24.99 but combined I’m paying $44.98?

So I’m still better off buying straight from Demiplane if I am not interested in physical books?


I think I got $20 discount. I payed $19.99 for the lost omen: world guide, assuming it costs as much as the other lost omen books. You can double check the price on that one and find out that way. But I do believe if you only want the digital content on both demiplane and PDF buying it on demiplane and then getting the PDF for free is the best option.

Took the plunge. Got the Legendary Bundle on Demiplane, FoundryVTT tokens off Paizo, and subbed up with Demiplane.


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