Old dude looking to learn this system and join a long time game

I started playing in 77. I just learned 5e a little more than a year ago. I am looking for a game to join that is noob friendly and will last for some time. I have an open schedule. I prefer a lot of roleplay and light fun. I am not looking for a too-serious game. please post here or DM me if you have a game I can join.

I am looking for more “older” or “old-school”. I am also PF2e-curious?!
I would like to play during the week or week-nights (PST).
I am familiar with VTT’s, but haven’t tried FoundryVTT. I am willing to DM and would like to go through the Beginner Box (Otari) which would lead into the Abonimation Vaults.
Discord: Jay#5730

I sent you a discord invite.