Older gamer looking to learn and play PF2e

I started roleplaying back in 1979, yes I am that old, and have played many games in that time. I am looking into trying this system out. I have heard a lot of good things about it. Given the current issues with WotC I feel it is time for a change. Feel free to ask me questions here or contact me on discord, Woulf71
#8629. I do not pay to play, so if that is what your group is please disregaurd this post. :grinning:

I’d be willing to try and teach myself though i’m also learning the system myself some. Sent you a friend request my username on discord is. THE_KRACKEN_777#6419

I started D&D ten years later than you, so in your eyes, I must be a youngster (I’m 57 ;-). I’m also interested in learning PF. Where in the world are you located? I live in Europe, the Netherlands, Amersfoort.

I am looking for more “older” or “old-school”. I am also PF2e-curious?!
I would like to play during the week or week-nights (PST).
I am familiar with VTT’s, but haven’t tried FoundryVTT. I am willing to DM and would like to go through the Beginner Box (Otari) which would lead into the Abonimation Vaults.
Discord: Jay#5730 I sent you a friend request

I sent you a FrdReq