One more suggestion to the list with the Character sheet

I tried to build two characters so far. I did this going through the web browser, next will be to use the app on a tablet or phone. The building phase is quite easy. Nothing new here, nor from me or other topic, just the equipment panel not quite there.

But something new here, or at least I think it is, there is quite a lot of manipulation to do around the sheet. For example, if I wand to add a weapon when I am unarmed, I can’t just click on the weapon box and add one, I have to go to the equipment tab, locate the weapons and equip the one you want. Same for the armor etc. I think that when you create a character, the starter equipment pack should automatically equip itself. It make sense that your first armor and weapon are the one you wear and use.

It is worst for the spell. You have to go the spell tab, click on prepare spell, there you click again for each type of cantrip you can have, like your standard cantrip and then go back on page, then, in my case, the curriculum cantrip. You have to go back again and do the same for spell. If you want to change your selection, you have to discard spell before adding them instead of juste clicking on the one you want to change and when doing the selection it just change it. I mean I think it should be less manipulation.
It also doesn’t take in consideration the cantrip you can have from feat, like I have detect magic, but I still can put it in my cantrip, but I don’t need to, and I didn’t chose it in my selection, but I can choose now, because of my feat, but my feat enable me to do so.

I feel like I am not clear, but at the same times, I feel, it kind of does explain the too much manipulation I am talking about. I like that when you click on an item, there is a box that appear and give me information, but I sense that I have to always open stuff, close them, go to an other box instead of having then interconnected and having the feeling of streamlessness

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass it along to our team. :slight_smile: