[Online] [5e] [EST] [Chains Of Asmodeus] [18+] [Campaign][PAID] [$13][Saturday 7 PM EST][3 slot] Fresh Game Starting April 20th

Welcome To The Nine Hells

Level 10 to 20 Epic Campaign!

This story takes place in the Nine Hells and sees the characters confront its ruler, Asmodeus. They venture into the Nine Hells to save the souls of their loved ones (or their own) and are aided by a powerful faction. This faction has its own reasons for wanting revenge on Asmodeus. With the help of the characters, the faction believes it can deal a devastating blow to him. In return for a favor, the faction provides characters with access to the Nine Hells and a means of traversing the different layers. The characters travel by barge down the River Styx, also known as the River of Blood, a cross-planar river that links the layers of the Nine Hells. Those who touch or drink from its waters risk forgetting their past lives permanently.

Campaign Synopsis:
In the depths of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus, the Lord of the Ninth, has unleashed his infernal machinations upon the Material Plane. Dark omens herald the rise of his power, and heroes are called upon to thwart his sinister plans. From the bustling cities to the forgotten ruins, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

What to Expect:

A rich, immersive world filled with intrigue, danger, and opportunity.
Engaging storytelling and roleplay-driven encounters.
Diverse challenges, from combat to diplomacy and exploration.
Collaboration, creativity, and epic moments that shape the narrative.
A supportive and inclusive gaming environment for all players.

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Platform: [Specify platform - e.g., Roll20, Discord, dnd beyond extension]
Frequency: [Weekly/7pm Est to 10pm Est]
Experience: All levels of experience welcome, from beginners to seasoned adventurers.
Players: Seeking 3 dedicated adventurers to join the party.
Character Creation: Standard 5E rules apply. Homebrew content subject to DM approval & House rules

How to Join:
If you’re ready to embark on this epic quest and face the Chains of Asmodeus, send a message to [Red/Comet/8082 or privately message me. (On discord no /). Tell us a bit about yourself, your D&D experience, and the type of character you’d like to play. Spaces are limited, so don’t delay!

Grab your dice and prepare for an adventure like no other. The fate of the world awaits, brave adventurers!