[Online] [5e] [EST] [Doom Forgotten Realm] [18+] [Campaign][PAID] [$13] [Experienced DM] [Friday 8 PM EST][1 slot]

Title: Doom Forgotten Realms: Rise Against the Archlich


Welcome to “Doom Forgotten Realms: Rise Against the Archlich,” a dark and epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in a world where evil has triumphed. In this alternate reality, Tiamat has been successfully summoned, the Princes of Elemental Evil roam freely, and Demogorgon wields the Wand of Orcus, leaving an army of undead in his wake. The once-mighty storm giants have been cast to the bottom of the Ordning, and even Baldur’s Gate itself has been banished to the Nine Hells.

Above all these malevolent forces looms the Archlich Vecna, a sinister and powerful figure who has orchestrated or exploited a series of ever-escalating calamities to conquer the Realms themselves. It is a world where good has lost, and now it’s up to brave adventurers like you to stand against the darkness and rise to the challenge.

Plot Overview:

The Sword Coast, once a beacon of hope, has been divvied up by sinister factions, each wielding their power and terrorizing the lands. The Zhentarim, the mountain giants of Grudd Haug, and the Cult of the Dragon are just a few of the factions that reign with cruel authority. As adventurers, you will find yourselves drawn together by fate or circumstance, forming an unlikely alliance to face the malevolent forces that threaten all existence.

Your ultimate goal is to gather allies, uncover ancient relics, and learn forgotten knowledge that can aid in the fight against the Archlich Vecna. Along the way, you will face heart-wrenching decisions, navigate treacherous political landscapes, and confront the true depths of darkness in your own hearts.

Campaign Themes:

Moral Ambiguity: The world is not black and white; the lines between good and evil are blurred. Players will be confronted with difficult moral choices, testing the strength of their characters’ resolve and conscience.

Survival and Sacrifice: With evil dominating the world, survival is a constant struggle. Players will face harrowing challenges, and their actions may demand great sacrifices to achieve their objectives.

Epic Conflict: The campaign centers around a high-stakes struggle against the powerful and malevolent Vecna. This is a story of epic proportions, where the fate of the entire Realms hangs in the balance.

Redemption and Corruption: The presence of evil can corrupt even the most noble of hearts. Players will be tested, and their journey may lead them down dark paths or offer opportunities for redemption.


If you dare to venture into this dark and dangerous world, join “Doom Forgotten Realms: Rise Against the Archlich.” We are seeking dedicated and imaginative players who are ready to immerse themselves in a campaign of epic scope and emotional depth.


Familiarity with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules.

A willingness to explore darker themes and challenging moral dilemmas.

Respectful and collaborative players who enjoy both roleplaying and combat.

Availability for regular sessions [Specify frequency and time zone].

A commitment to attend the “Session Zero” to discuss campaign expectations and character creation.

How to Apply:

Interested players should [provide application details, e.g., email the Game Master, fill out a form, or join a specific Discord server]. In your application, include:

A brief introduction of yourself as a player and your experience with D&D.

A character concept or idea that would suit this dark and intense campaign.

Your availability and time zone.

Only those chosen to embark on this perilous journey will receive further details. Prepare yourselves for a campaign of epic proportions, where heroes will rise, alliances will form, and the fate of the Realms will be decided. May your resolve be strong, for this is a world where good has lost, and the Archlich Vecna’s shadow looms large.

LInk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DroTdxslDNo&list=PLFuoxcuyGpS5OrH5R3gP9mD7oiPR745ms

The group is level 14 at the moment, come join us on an epic level 1 to 20 campaign and face Vecna himself! Or Join him >:D