Opening links in new tabs

Hello, love what’s been done so far with the site, but one thing driving me bonkers is the inability to open a lot of links in a new tab in my browser. Many of the links that I click on don’t show the option to open them in a new tab (whether that’s by right-clicking for the context menu or doing CTRL+click on a link or clicking my middle mouse button (scroll wheel)).

Let’s take the Elf ancestry page as an example. The table of contents links on the left side of the screen don’t allow opening links in a new tab, under the Seer Elf heading the “detect magic” link can’t be opened in a new tab, none of the backgrounds listed under Elven Adventurers can be opened in a new tab, feats can’t be opened in a new tab (either by clicking the feat name or the “view details” button)… However, links to Lost Omens: Character Guide do work as expected.

As a GM, not being able to have multiple tabs open for cross reference is maddening. I hope this behavior changes.



It will 100% change - adding the ability to open in a new tab is on the short list.

We’ll update as we can, thanks!