Option to hide feats that don't meet prerequisites

In fact, this option should be ON by default. Having to navigate a huge multi-page list of feats you can’t take is frustrating and and potentially confusing for new players. Perhaps you could take a page from Pathbuilder, and list any feats you don’t meet the prerequisites for, below all the feats you can take.


Thanks for your feedback. We do intend to keep improving the ability to filter and sort options in the character tools, which would resolve this. :slight_smile:

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Yes, please.

I cannot express what a high-priority item this is for me.

I don’t make this comment as me personally making demands, but squeaky wheels do get the grease. I just transferred my players to this system, and this platform in particular, and the tedium my group goes through during level-up to sort through the feats system is … just the worst.

The worst part about it is, you get so used to seeing the blocked-out feats that you end up passing by feats you CAN take just because your eyes get tired after sorting lines and lines and lines of text.

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Yes I agree this is a must have. Character builder would be so much better and remove a huge barrier to entry for new players as the feat system for PF2e is maybe the only thing on the more complicated side.
Any News for this functionality ?