Other WoD books

Is there any word on when we will see Werewolf and/or mage books? Also, How about the original World of Darkness for human hunters?

As of this moment, the only thing that we can talk about is Vampire V5. When we have updates about what’s next, I’m certain we’ll broadcast it everywhere we can! :slight_smile:

Is there a timeline at least for the V5 books? Some of us got the bundle thinking “hey cool, I can get everything in one go”, but we’re just… waiting. There’s been a little talk about Sabbat and “updates”, but if Vampire is your only thing, it’s not worth trying to sift through a 30 minute YouTube video to hear “someday”. It’s starting to feel like a bad investment.

We expect to release Sabbat: The Black Hand and Second Inquisition next, while we wait on errata updates from the WoD team for Chicago by Night and Cults of the Blood Gods. We aren’t in the habit of giving out expected dates, but I would say that we’re looking at only a handful of weeks until those next books can be released. Our top priority right now remains character management, where we’re laying the groundwork for Vampire even as we get Pathfinder Character Tools up and running.

We really appreciate your patience as we build our NEXUS tools from the ground up. The exciting (and also sometimes challenging) thing about getting in during Early Access is that things are still being shaped and built! We think that’s a really valuable thing, because we are using feedback from people who know and love these games to make the tools better. Building an application like this takes time, and we want to do it right and release a great product, even if that takes a little longer. :slight_smile:

It is our hope that we’ll see at least two more book releases this year for Vampire, counting Sabbat: The Black Hand and Second Inquisition as one of those releases. If we get back updates for Chicago by Night and Cults of the Blood Gods, that could be three more releases this year but we won’t know about that until it happens.

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How do you get the Ultimate Bundle for Vampire? Is this also available for Aliens also?

My apologies, I misspoke earlier. That is not currently a bundle option for other NEXUSes. I have edited my previous statement to reflect that.

Thank you for the clarification.

Please forward my suggestion that bundle discounts are a good incentive for the other Nexus and for crossing multiple Nexus

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You got it! :slight_smile: