Overall impressions and all criticisms

First of all, the tool is pretty cool, one of the best out there in terms of layout and structure. However, it has A LOT of issues, from minor to big. Here is all I have found.

Category UI/UX:

  1. When you switch between tabs “Ancestry”, “Background” and “Class” there is a background on the selected tab. But when you leave it, it disappears. I think you should keep it, the shining is enough to indicate which tab is selected, and the backgrounds make the space not so black and empty.
  2. Tab “Ancestry” and tab “Class” have icons, which indicate the chosen options. But they appear only when you already clicked on the tab. What I mean is, if I want to change the class of an already created character, the icon appears only after the click, while logically it should already be there.
  3. When you are on the tab “Class”, there are two scrollbars on the class description page. Only one is active. The same issue is on most selections for the class.
  4. Also, in the class selections there is an issue with the bottom border. It goes over a limit making some options unreadable, unselectable, or cut down.
  5. Saving changes button is obsolete. From what I’ve gathered, the changes are saved automatically.

Category Bugs:

  1. Everything is loading fairly slowly. It isn’t the worst case but could be optimized better.
  2. If you select class, it is loading for a couple of seconds. If you press the button “Select Cleric” (example) during the loading process, you will have twice as many options, as you should have, because it duplicated the class.
  3. If you already have selected some option on the class tab, but you want to open it again right after you close it (because forgot to select another Ability Boost, for example) you cannot do so, unless you switch to another option and then back again.
  4. There are four “Ability Boost” options for the class at the 5th and 10th levels. But you cannot boost already boosted ability.
  5. When I switch “Ancestry”, the heritage and selected options stay. So I can be a dwarf with woodland elf heritage.

Category Desirable Updates:

  1. More filters. Right now we don’t have many options in alpha, but later, when there will be more, some filters for backgrounds and search for feats would be welcomed.
  2. I don’t think there is any reason to restrict options in the alpha testing stage. Like, I would gladly look at hove the Alchemist functions and provide feedback specifically for this class, but I need to buy a book, to access something, which I’m testing and providing feedback on. During the
    open beta, I can understand the restrictions. During closed alpha - this is just stupid.

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll post here, if I find more issues

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Yup I was also going to make a post about the Ability boosts at 5th & 10th level. When you reach 10th level you are no longer able to raise ability scores anymore. Also once you select a background you are no longer able to change that background currently so if you chose Warrior lets say and wanted to change to Acolyte you currently can not and you are a warrior for life :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, both. A lot of these are known issues or things on our roadmap.